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Weird ‘fish with human tooth’ present in Malaysia

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Real or fake? This fish caught in Malaysia apparently has human teeth (Twitter/ @raff_nasir)

Actual or faux? This fish caught in Malaysia apparently has human tooth (Twitter/ @raff_nasir)

If social media is to be believed, a fisherman in Malaysia lately made a catch with a surprisingly human-like set of chompers.

A photograph was posted to Twitter by consumer @raff_nasir on July 2 and it swiftly picked up viral fame as increasingly individuals commented on the lips and tooth of this explicit specimen.

The beast has been recognized as as a triggerfish by native media, of which there are 40 differing types.

Triggerfish are supposedly territorial and aggressive, charging at intruders and utilizing these spectacular tooth to battle with crabs and sea urchins, in accordance with Nationwide Geographic.

Local reports identify the fish as a triggerfish (Twitter/ @raff_nasir)

Native experiences establish the fish as a triggerfish (Twitter/ @raff_nasir)

Regionally, the odd-looking creature is called ayam laut or ikan jebong, experiences the Rakyat Put up.

It goes on to say the species is very hunted for the aquarium commerce which results in fishermen gathering the threatened species from the wild.

We spoke to marine specialists on the World Wildlife Fund which conformed the fish as a Blackpatch triggerfish (Rhinecathus verrucosus) due to its distinctive orange side-stripe.

‘It’s a widely known species with a large distribution from the Seyshelles to the Nice Barrier Reef, which would come with Malaysia,’ a spokesperson for the WWF informed Metro.co.uk.

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