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Earth invades Mars: Three international locations sending ships this month

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Mars is set to be visited by a fleet of spaceships from Earth (NASA / SWNS)

Mars is about to be visited by a fleet of spaceships from Earth (NASA / SWNS)

Three separate international locations – america, China and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) – are all launching missions to Mars throughout the subsequent few weeks.

All of the missions are unmanned however they’ll all lay the groundwork for people sooner or later setting foot on the Purple Planet.

Every craft should journey over 300 million miles to achieve Mars and can possible arrive someday subsequent February. However there’s a purpose that every one the international locations are launching their missions so shut collectively.

The orbits of Mars and Earth align on the identical aspect of the solar as soon as each 26 months – and just for a interval of 1 month. With regards to reducing journey time and gasoline prices between the 2 worlds, this one-month window is what you’re aiming for.

The USA and China will probably be aiming to place rovers on the Martian floor whereas the UAE is planning to place an orbiter excessive above to measure climate situations on Mars.

To this point, solely america has been capable of efficiently land craft on Mars though Europe and India have additionally managed to place orbiters in place across the planet.

NASA's Curiosity space rover took a break from trying to find Martian life when it took a selfie in the clay-rich Glen Etive crater on Mars. October 11 2019. See National News story NNselfie. Life's a beach for NASA's Curiosity space rover as it takes a selfie of its hunt for Martian life. Its breathtaking picture marks the first time the robot has conducted a chemical experiment in the clay-rich Glen Etive crater.Two small drill holes can be seen to the left of the rover where scientists hope the remains of bacterial life may have been preserved for billions of years within the rock samples. The photo is stitched together from a series of 57 taken from Curiosity's robotic arm earlier this month.

Nasa’s Curiosity rover is one in every of two American missions at the moment exploring Mars (NASA /SWNS.COM)

The UAE’s craft known as Amal – Arabic for ‘hope’ – and is the most important area challenge but for the nation.

‘The UAE needed to ship a really sturdy message to the Arab youth,’ challenge supervisor Omran Sharaf informed the AP information company.

‘The message right here is that if the UAE can attain Mars in lower than 50 years, then you are able to do way more. … The good factor about area, it units the requirements actually excessive.’

The UAE’s launch is scheduled to happen on July 15 from Japan, whereas China is planning its launch for round July 23. Lastly, the Individuals will launch their mission to Mars from Cape Canaveral on July 30.

The US launch will take place at Cape Canaveral, like May's SpaceX launch pictured here (Saul Martinez/Getty Images)

The US launch will happen at Cape Canaveral, like Could’s SpaceX launch pictured right here (Saul Martinez/Getty Pictures)

Whether or not or not these missions are profitable is fully one other matter – getting a spaceship to Mars isn’t simple.

The European House Company tried to land a British-made probe, Beagle 2, on Mars again in 2003. It failed.

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